Blog Post January 2019

I was recently hired to photograph a gorgeous estate in Atherton California by JMR BUILDERS INC., this home has it all! Outstanding Architecture and Amenities, The shoot lasted most of the day and into the evening for some twilight shots. I ended up with over 100 photos of this amazing estate.

Here is the link to the Photo Tour Atherton Estate

Blog Post November 2012

I was recently commissioned to photography an exterior building for one of my clients in Los Gatos California, this time of year the sun never hits the front of the building and even in mid summer it is right above.

I suggested that I shoot either in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid having the sun flare directly into the lens. I had to shoot up to get the complete building in the shot for I was unable to get back far enough, the image lacked brilliance and contrast.

So here is where post processing came in. I was able to correct the photo geometrically and add contrast to it but the sky was still uneventfull so I was able to add the sky from a shoot I did last month of a hotel in Palo Alto California.



Blog Post October 2012

At a recent hotel shoot in Palo Alto California I encountered the all too common challenge of mixed lighting, two different color temperatures of fluorescent (Pink and Green) and daylight.

Among other things the reflection in the mirror caught my camera and tripod, so I corrected the color and took the reflection of my camera and tripod out and cropped the photo.The blue in the refection in the mirror was from the daylight color, I could have taken the blue out but I decided to leave it in to make the photo more interesting.