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Architectural Photography

With all of today's technological advances in digital photography, the photographer's eye remains the
most important tool for achieving exceptional results. Expensive cameras, equipment and
technological gadgets serve as no substitute for the photographer's talent for seeing the elements
that make a picture beautiful or compelling.

A great photo transports the viewer to the setting, the room or landscape. Nowhere is this requirement
more important than in architectural photography. Towards that end, John Valenti continues to consider
the artistic use of light as the critical element for making an architectural structure or space as appealing
as possible. In his hands, showing your property in the best light serves not only as a metaphor but an

Careful and thoughtful planning in a architectural photography assignment is as important as the shoot
itself. Every photo assignment requires special attention, including taking into consideration the objectives
of the shoot. Those may involve the property's brand, the special feel that must be conveyed, elements
that must be highlighted, the final form or use of the photographs and much more. In addition, the human
touch, whether people are shown or not, must also be present to make a venue truly inviting.

The ultimate goal in effective architectural photography is to provide the viewer with a unique visual
experience. Whether employing still or virtual tour images, John Valenti continually strives to bring
structures, spaces and textures to life and remains dedicated to that aim.

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